• Helps Weight Management
  • Natural Body Detox
  • Releases Toxins
  • Vegan & Non-GMO
  • Promotes Health Colon Function
  • Boosts Body Defenses
  • Reishi Mushroom Extract
  • Helps Anti-Aging
  • Increases Energy
  • Vegan and Non-GMO
  • Promote Cardiovascular Health
  • Promotes Healthy Cholesterol
  • Vegan and Non-GMO
  • Support Heart Health
  • Derived From NotoGinseng Extract

Innerpure Colon Detox

Toxicity in the colon can contribute to a great many diseases and conditions, from those as benign as bad breath, constipation, and indigestion to those as serious as colon cancer. By detoxifying the colon, you can help restore healthy colon function, alleviate these types of digestive conditions, and even prevent or slow the progression of more severe digestive and colon-related diseases. What's more, as part of a healthy immune system, a healthy colon can help support protection against even diseases located in other parts of the body. You can also restore and maintain healthy bowel function by detoxifying the colon.

Immune Booster Cordyceps + Reishi

Our Farlong Immune Booster contains natural ingredients such as reishi mushroom extract that works along with eating a nutritious diet and exercising to boost your body's defenses against aging.

Inflammation in the body occurs when the immune system is not able to fight off toxins such as bacteria or chemicals from the environment. When inflammation occurs, it often affects the vascular system. Since this system transports oxygen-rich blood throughout your entire body, inflammation makes it harder for your body to get the oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. When your vascular and immune functioning is weak, you may notice signs such as getting tired easier or catching more illnesses. A healthy vascular system gives you energy and helps to support your goals for longevity. 

Heart Advanced Support

Panax notoginseng is an herb that contains saponins that help to cleanse the blood of impurities to promote better circulation throughout the body. Our supplement for heart health includes this vital herb, along with other anti-inflammatory nutrients. We recommend taking one capsule once or twice a day with your meals to obtain the best results. Since heart health is a significant priority for our customers, we also make this supplement even more affordable with a bundle that includes giving you five bottles free for every ten that you purchase.

About Farlong

Incorporated in California in 1998, Farlong Pharmaceutical is a vertically integrated herbal ingredient and supplement company with its own GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified cultivation base, cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) compliance manufacture facilities and distribution channels for the development of its unique and effective products. Farlong also co-owns and supplies to Acupuncture Corporation of America - a franchised acupuncture clinic chain in the U.S.

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